Villa Iguana

The most important thing for suburban architecture is to create a unique atmosphere and give a new level of comfort. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and comfort. When designing this, we tried to preserve as many trees as possible and add new plantings.
Unity with nature can evoke the most vivid emotions, and architecture of a building can influence a person’s consciousness and create a sense of comfort. The landscape becomes a natural complement to architecture, allowing you to lead an active and diverse lifestyle on the house territory.
As part of this project, we have designed a two-storey family residence with extensive view terraces and balconies. On the ground floor there is a garage for two cars, technical rooms and leisure area. Private areas with master bedrooms are located on the second floor. Each room has access to its own balcony. When finishing the facades, we used natural stone, clinker brick and larch planken. Panoramic glazing lightens the massiveness of facades and creates an open space in the interior, which will grace the house not only inside, but also outside. Extensive glazing increases the amount of daylight in the room and provides good natural lighting, even in cloudy weather.
Thanks to a professional team and modern technologies, we can implement the most daring and interesting solutions. Don’t give up on your dream, live in beautiful and functional houses created by EVOLUX DESIGN.
638 m²

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